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Become a part of Multilingual Australia's mission

At Multilingual Australia, we believe that every language has a voice, and that voice deserves to be heard. We are committed to promoting and celebrating linguistic diversity, fostering an inclusive Australia where every language is recognized and valued.

Your Passion Can Make a Difference

We're currently seeking individuals who share our passion for joining our volunteer team. You don't need prior experience or a large time commitment - only a dedication to making a difference. We believe that change is driven by people who care, and we know we can make a lasting impact together.

Our volunteers play a critical role in our mission, helping with a wide range of tasks including:

  • Administrative roles: Help us stay organised and efficient.

  • Workshops and Events: Assist in organising and running our various programs.

  • Community Engagement: Connect with our community, both online and offline.

  • Policy and Advocacy: Use your voice to advocate for linguistic diversity.

  • Marketing and Comms: helps us reach more people online

How to Apply

Ready to make a difference with Multilingual Australia? Click the "Apply Now" button to complete our volunteer application form. If you have any questions about the volunteer program, feel free to reach out to us at We're here to help!

At Multilingual Australia, we are more than just a committee. We are a group of passionate individuals united by a shared vision. Join us, and let's shape a multilingual Australia together.


Reach out today and join the cause

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