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WA Language Week 2023

Welcome to our dedicated page for Western Australia's Languages Week, an annual event celebrated from August 1st to 5th. Here at Multilingual Australia, we cherish this opportunity to shine a light on the rich tapestry of languages spoken within our community and across the state.


Western Australia boasts more than 240 spoken languages and dialects - a testament to our vibrant cultural diversity and the global interconnectedness we enjoy today. Language learning, linguistic diversity, and multilingualism are more than just aspects of our identity; they open doors to broader personal, social, cultural, and employment opportunities.

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Celebrations and Activities

Every year, Multilingual Australia launches initiatives to honour this special week. This year, we're excited to announce two engaging online campaigns:


- My Language, My Story: This campaign invites multilingual individuals and families to share their language journey, experiences, and how their native language has shaped their lives in Australia. We believe that every language journey is unique and can inspire others.


- Language Resource Exchange: This campaign is a call to educators, community leaders, and language enthusiasts to share their favourite language learning resources. These could be books, apps, websites, games, creative methods, or research papers – anything that promotes and supports language learning.


Our Aims

We aim to foster a sense of unity in our community, encourage dialogue, and provide a platform for the exchange of resources and experiences. We also wish to highlight the crucial role of interpreters and translators in ensuring government services are accessible to all community members.


Get Involved

We invite everyone to participate in our campaigns, explore our website for more resources, and join in celebrating the linguistic diversity that makes Western Australia such a culturally rich and vibrant place. Your stories, your language resources, and your participation are what make Languages Week meaningful.


The Future

As we look ahead, we hope to continue championing linguistic diversity and language learning and to foster a more inclusive language-learning environment. We encourage everyone to embrace and celebrate our state's multilingual heritage, not just during Languages Week, but throughout the year.


Let's celebrate Languages Week together – because every language matters!

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